Our Best Steam Mops for 2018

Keep your floors sparkling clean with our 5 tips for the best steam mops available in Australia.


Bissell 1544F Steam Mop

The Bissell 1544F Steam Mop will keep your home fresh and clean while protecting your family from up to 99% of germs and bacteria. This versatile, premium steam mop is designed to easily and efficiently clean everything from floors to sinks, windows to kitchen surfaces and more.

Simply add water to the inclusive micro fibre cloth and you can switch between 7 dedicated steam cleaning attachments to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria across a multitude of surfaces leaving your home fresh, clean and germ-free. The inclusive ‘EastScrubber’ attachment will make light work of removing stubborn stains while the ‘PowerFresh Lift-off Steam Mop’ will leave your home gleaming and spotless. To finish there is also a range of scented discs you can choose from which will leave your surfaces lightly scented for long lasting freshness throughout your home.

With its lift-off pod, easy touch digital controls, multiple cleaning attachments for cleaning on a variety of surfaces above your floors including appliances, counter tops, windows, grout, and hardware and the 180 degree swivel steering, the Bissell 1544F Steam Mop offers everything you need to keep your home fresh and clean for all your family to enjoy.


Vax VX24 Combi Steam Cleaner

The Vax VX24 Combi Steam Cleaner is designed to provide versatility and flexibility while making the chore of keeping your home fresh and clean a breeze. This lightweight, powerful cleaning system can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces including hard floors, tiles, timber and soft surfaces like carpets too.

The VX24 is equipped with separate water and detergent tanks and will automatically create cost-effective, mixed steam in exactly the right proportions thanks to its ‘TwinTank’ technology. The system is also designed to heat up quickly and the LED display will let you know when it’s ready for use. The compact scrubbing brush easily removes stubborn stains and makes accessing hard to reach places effortless while the detachable handheld steamer will provide all the flexibility you need to eliminate dirt and odours all over your home leaving it fresh and clean.

The combination of the hot steam and detergent produced by the Vax VX24 Combi Steam Cleaner is designed to easily cut through grease and grime on an extensive variety of surfaces around your home leaving it sparkling clean and refreshed every time.


Monster EZ1-R Steam Mop

The energy efficient 1200W Monster EZ1-R Steam Mop is designed to clean a variety of surfaces, including sealed timber floors, without leaving excess moisture, streaks or stains. This detergent free cleaning system is endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation (NZ) under their Sensitive Choice programs too making it not only very user-friendly but also safe for use around your family.

Packed with features, the Monster EZ1-R makes cleaning your home a breeze. The front and bottom jets on this steam mop help to dissolve dirt from the floor even in those hard to reach places like corners and edges while the auto start feature means that the steam on the EZ1-R is released without pressing buttons and the patented steam booster function continually keeps the washable micro fibre pad hot for perfect results every time.

The inclusive ‘parking pad’ on the EZ1-R Steam Mop allows you to store the mop without the cleaning pads getting unnecessarily dirty and the ‘carpet sledge’ means that you can refresh your carpets and rugs too. This steam mop is designed for efficient use too, heating up in just 3 minutes.

In the box, you’ll find a Monster Steam Mop (EZ1R), two washable floor micro fibre pads, a carpet sledge with washable micro fibre pad, a parking pad for easy storage, a filling cup and funnel as well as the instruction manual.


Bissell 23V8F Steam Mop Select

The Bissell 23V8F Steam Mop Select is a modern steam cleaning solution that will enable you to clean, refresh and sanitise your home without having to use harsh chemicals or endure that laborious mop and bucket.

With its triangular shaped foot and washable micro fibre steam mop pads, the 23V8F Steam Mop, by design, has everything you need to tackle both day-to-day cleaning tasks and those occasional accidental spills quickly, efficiently and easily. This steam mop is specifically designed to reach all those tricky, tight corners and will glide around your furniture effortlessly too. With its ‘steam on demand’ feature, it is 100% family safe as it doesn’t use harsh chemicals or detergents to leave your home refreshed, clean and free of bacteria, germs, and allergens.

The Bissell 23V8F Steam Mop Select comes with a soft pad micro fibre pad for everyday use, a micro fibre pad with scrubbing strips for tougher cleaning and is 100% chemical free through its ‘steam on demand’ feature. You can buy your Bissell 23V8F Steam Mop Select, which comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty, today.


Danoz H2O Mop X5 Lite Steam Cleaner

Introducing the Danoz H2O Mop X5 Lite Steam Cleaner, a five-in-one flexible steam cleaner that can steam clean just about anything you need to! This feature packed, steam cleaner comes with an amazing assortment of attachments too so you’ll have everything you need to get the job done.

With its impressive range of attachments, the H2O Mop X5 Lite Steam Cleaner can steam clean everything from wood or tiled floors to carpets and curtains and even windows, glass and clothing! The H20 comes complete with a huge range of attachments including a floor mop attachment with two settings, which is ideal for cleaning laminate, marble, and tiled floors. While the inclusive pyramid shaped ‘Carpet Glider’ attachment can steam clean your carpets removing dust, dirt, and stains easily and leaving them refreshed and smelling great. You’ll never need to hire a carpet cleaner again!

This 5-in-1 steam cleaner also comes with a hand-held steam cleaning attachment that has numerous attachments of its own, including a jet nozzle, a nylon brush, a wire brush and even a dusting wand which means it can effortlessly clean your windows, glass, mirrors and even help you do the dusting too!

The Danoz H2O Mop X5 Lite Steam Cleaner offers fantastic flexibility and can help you complete all your cleaning tasks in the blink of an eye.

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