Our Best Steam Cleaners for 2018

Get your cleaning done quickly and chemical free with our 5 suggestions for the best steam cleaners in Australia.


Sauber Brilliance SB-300

The Sauber Brilliance SB-300 is a superior European steam cleaning system from Germany that uses a unique dry steam system to provide you with the ultimate steam cleaning solution for your home and family. Built with only the highest quality components, Sauber premium steam cleaners are made to last while offering the perfect mix of flexibility, efficiency, and convenience.

While most steam cleaners on the market today produce wet steam that can often leave excessive water residue after cleaning, the Brilliance SB-300 uses a unique dry steam system that is not only far more effective at cleaning, it’s also safer to use, maximises the amount of steam produced and creates a lot less mess while steam cleaning because the amount of water residue produced is minimalised. This unique and innovative approach to steam cleaning from Sauber will ensure that your home is naturally healthier and free of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens without the need to use harsh detergents or cleaning agents.

The Sauber Brilliance is a complete, premium steam cleaning solution that is equipped with a large 2.4-litre water tank so that you can clean your whole house without having to refill the tank. This steam cleaner comes with a complete set of steel brushes for smaller cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bathroom, two long nozzles for areas that are tricky to access, a premium steam mop attachment that will remove even the most stubborn dirt and stains from your sealed hardwood or tiled floors with ease and a unique, patented ‘Diamond Head’ brush which is designed to make cleaning a multitude of surfaces such as stovetops, bench tops and showers a breeze.

The flexibility of the Sauber Brilliance doesn’t stop there though because you also get a multi-purpose window cleaning attachment complete with a squeegee and a steam iron attachment which can be used to iron garments on a traditional ironing board or you can steam-clean them while they are still hanging up.

The Sauber Brilliance SB-300 comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty to guarantee your peace of mind and costs $1799.


Hoover Heritage 5650 Multi-Steamer

The multi-purpose Hoover Heritage 5650 offers large capacity, powerful steam cleaning for your home and comes complete with all the flexibility and convenience of its multiple purpose attachments that will help you to get the cleaning done quickly and easily.

The Heritage 5650 has some wonderful features including versatile, adjustable steam pressure, handy onboard accessory storage, cloth attachments that you can wash and reuse – helping you to save money, a nice long power cord and 45 minutes of continuous steam cleaning power once it’s hot and ready to go. Made from high-quality Hoover parts and materials for your complete peace of mind, this steam cleaner comes with 10 additional attachments that include a steam mop head, multiple brushes, a window cleaner and angled crevice tool so whatever your steam cleaning requirements you’ll know you have the right tools for the job once you’ve invested in a Heritage 5650 steam cleaner.

Whether you need a high-powered steam mop, a grout remover, an oven cleaner, a window cleaner or a shower cleaner the Heritage 5650 from Hoover can do it all and with the inclusive 2-year Hoover warranty you know that you’re making a wise investment when you buy your Hoover Heritage 5650 Multi-Steamer for just $299 today.


Vax Steam Home Master VSTHM1600

The versatile and powerful Vax Steam Home Master steam cleaner has everything you need to keep your home fresh, clean and free of bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens without using detergents and chemicals.

With its extensive range of 16 different attachments, this powerful 1600W steam cleaning system is ideal for cleaning a wide range of household surfaces including tiled floors, carpets, upholstery, pet beds, ovens and even grout.

Working on steam alone the Steam Home Master is able to achieve family-safe, brilliant results every time because the high-temperature steam breaks down grease and grime as you clean while the large capacity water tank means you’ll have enough steam to get the job done without having to regularly refill your steam cleaner.

The value-packed Vax Steam Home Master VSTHM1600 comes complete with scraper, concentration and detail nozzles, a 3 piece extension tube, a floor head connector, a funnel, large and small plastic brushes, a metal brush, upholstery and window tools and a measuring jug – everything you’ll need to complete any steam cleaning task done quickly and easily. This versatile steam cleaning system from Vax is yours today for $249.


Vax VX23 Steam Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner

The Vax VX23 Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner is a lightweight, flexible steam cleaner designed especially for pet owners that will leave your floors and carpets refreshed, odour-free and hygienically clean.

An ideal choice for both occasional users and pet owners, the VX23 Steam Cleaner has a triangular shaped head with swivel functionality so it can easily clean sealed hard floors and refresh carpets right up into those tricky to reach corners. It’s TwinTank technology automatically mixes steam and detergent giving you the most efficient clean possible while the steam burst feature will penetrate tough dirt and grime, lifting away stubborn stains effortlessly. As well as being extremely light and easy to use, the Vax VX23 offers 30 minutes of continuous steam cleaning and it’s unique ‘pet pad’ is specifically designed to remove pet hair and odours ensuring optimum results every time.

In addition to the cleaner, the VX23 comes complete with a 250ml bottle of Vax Pet Steam Detergent, a carpet glider to refresh your carpets, two micro fibre cleaning pads and a micro fibre pet cleaning pad too so you’ll have everything you need for a sparkling, clean and refreshed home as soon as you open the box. The Vax VX23 Fresh Pet Steam Cleaner is yours today for only $199.


Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s face it, cleaning windows and other glass surfaces is a necessary chore that few of us enjoy but with the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner it doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming anymore. This innovative window cleaner will have your windows, mirrors, and tiles sparkling clean and streak free in a matter of minutes, with a minimum of effort.

The versatile and light-weight Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner is ergonomically designed to provide a streak free finish in one simple motion and, because it doesn’t require direct contact with dirty water, it’s a more hygienic way to enjoy crystal clean windows and glass surfaces throughout your home. This handy window cleaner provides simpler and more convenient cleaning that will help you to get the job done quicker and easier than ever before with its long-life battery and cordless operation.

The WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner is all about ease of use with its easy-to-empty water tank, LED display that will tell you the current status of the battery and powerful yet gentle combined wiper and vacuuming cleaning action.

Optionally, the WV2 Plus comes with a separate narrower suction nozzle so that you can clean small or hard-to-reach places effortlessly too. The window vac can be used on all smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors and shower cubicles offering you even more flexibility. All this value from Karcher is pleasantly affordable too; the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner costs just $129.

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