Our Best Microwaves for 2018

Considering a new microwave for your kitchen? Here are our tips for 5 of the best microwaves available in Australia.


Panasonic NNCF770M 27L Convection Microwave 1000W

The Panasonic NNCF770M 27L Convection Microwave with its modern, sleek looks makes a practical and versatile addition to any Australian kitchen. This Panasonic microwave offers a great range of features that will not only make life easier but also give you tasty results every time you need them, whether you’re reheating, baking, grilling or defrosting. The child safety lock feature and inclusive 1-year warranty will be sure to give you complete peace of mind too.

The NNCF770M Convection Microwave is designed with flatbed technology so there is no need for a conventional microwave turntable, which gives you more space inside the microwave and the added benefit of making it easier to clean too. There are 15 auto-cook menus included as well as an auto reheat feature, a 3-stage cooking setting and a recipe store option for easy, hassle-free cooking. This 1000W convection microwave offers optimum flexibility with its microwave function, its oven function and there is also a grill that has three power levels giving you more control and scrumptious results whether you’re cooking meat or seafood or just making some toast!

The Panasonic NNCF770M comes inclusive of two wire racks (a high one and a low one), an oven tray and a Pyrex dish. There is also an internal light, which turns on when the door is opened.


Breville BMO735BKS 34L Quick Touch Microwave Oven 1100W

The Breville BMO735BKS 34L Quick Touch Microwave Oven is specifically designed to provide power, convenience and ease of use with its ‘Smart Button’ feature and ‘Sensor IQ Cook and Reheat’ function which offer a selection of the most commonly used food types in cook, reheat and defrost modes at the press of a button while automatically measuring the steam and humidity released from your food so it can calculate the optimum cooking time and power levels.

This feature rich microwave, which comes in a choice of three colours (Silver, Cranberry Red, and Black Sesame), is all about convenience with its quick start one-touch cooking option, +30 second instant start button which starts cooking immediately, 13 smart cook auto menus, 13 ‘SmartrReheat’ auto menus, 5 smart defrost auto menus, and 2 auto melt and soften menus. The BMO735BKS also comes with a durable stainless steel interior, fascia and door handle for easy cleaning and a child safety lock for complete peace of mind. It is worth mentioning that while the BMO735BKS is packed with features, it doesn’t have a grill function.

The Breville Quick Touch Microwave uses new inverter heating technology which provides a constant flow of energy at the selected power level and ensures that your food is heated consistently and evenly for perfect, delicious results every time. This microwave is specially designed so it slides effortlessly into place too and will look great in any Australian kitchen while also giving you and your family fast, delicious and consistent results every time.


Samsung ME6144ST 40L Microwave 1000W

Thanks to its impressively large 40-litre capacity, the 1000W Samsung ME6144ST Microwave Oven is the ideal microwave for you if you regularly entertain guests or have a large family to cook for every day. Featuring a smooth non-stick ceramic enamel interior, ME6144ST is also very easy to clean while being durable and scratch resistant too.

We all have dishes that we prepare regularly using our microwaves, with the ME6144ST you can pre-program your most commonly used settings for ease, convenience and efficiency while the ‘Triple Heat Distribution System’ in Samsung’s microwaves is designed to evenly spread the energy around the microwave giving you consistent and delicious results.

Equipped with 10 power levels, two stage cooking programming, sensor cooking, one touch instant cooking, auto cooking, programmable cooking functions, auto defrost and reheat functions, the one minute plus feature, a kitchen timer and clock, a child lock and push button door opening this feature packed microwave will give you all the ease and practicality you need in your kitchen, whether you’re cooking a full dinner party for your friends or just need to quickly heat up some baked beans. One point we should note though is that the ME6144ST doesn’t offer a grill function so if that is an important feature to you then this isn’t the microwave for you.


Panasonic NNST671S 32L Genius Microwave 1100W

The Panasonic NNST671S 32L Genius Microwave, which features new inverter cooking technology, handy pre-set menus, sensor cooking, and a stylish stainless steel finish will enable you to cook your food quickly and easily.

This super-stylish inverter microwave offers optimum convenience with its programmable, one-touch sensor cooking functions, which can be custom programmed to easily heat or cook all your favourite dishes and makes light work of cooking chicken, vegetables, rice, fish and much more. Its 32-litre capacity makes it ideal for family use and the 10 inclusive power levels and LCD display will give all the convenience you need.

The NNST671S comes complete with a glass turntable for even, reliable cooking and easy cleaning, a child lock, and a 12-month manufacturers warranty so you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.


LG MS2044VS Microwave Oven with I-Wave Technology 700W

Introducing the LG MS2044VS Microwave Oven which comes with LG’s unique iWave technology. iWave technology utilises the interior ‘Echo Reflection Design’ to defrost or reheat your food evenly, giving you perfect results every time. This microwave also features LG’s unique ‘Anti-Bacterial EasyClean’ interior coating, making it very easy to keep clean – just a few wipes with a moist cloth and you’re all done.

Other great features you’ll get when you buy a MS2044VS microwave oven include 11 power levels which can be manually adjusted mid-cooking cycle, 3 defrost functions that offer easy and efficient defrosting of frozen food and a LCD touch control panel so you’ll know exactly which settings you’ve chosen and how much longer your food will be in just a glance.

This feature packed 20-litre microwave comes finished in stylish stainless steel and has an inclusive 2-year manufacturers warranty.


Microwave Ovens Buying Guide


Microwave ovens have become an essential addition to every modern kitchen these days. Not only do they offer the convenience of being able to prepare a meal or heat a drink quickly, they can also help you save money on energy bills.

As with so many modern appliances, modern microwave ovens come with plenty of potential features so it can be useful to know what to look out for before you head out to buy one, which is where our microwave buying guide can help you to make a wise and informed choice.

Types of Microwave ovens

Conventional Microwaves

Also referred to as standard microwaves, conventional microwaves are ideal if you just need to heat-up pre-cooked meals, defrost or reheat food, make hot drinks or quickly heat some soup.

Standard microwaves are the easiest type of microwave to use – you simply plug them in, choose your preferred settings and you’re done.

They have very limited features – power level and timing usually. These tend to be the most common and affordable type of microwave.

‘Combi’ Microwaves

Combination microwaves, which are also referred to as Convection Microwaves, are usually fitted with a grill and use hot air (convection) heating. They are similar to having a compact traditional oven and can be used for crisping, browning, baking, and heating a large variety of drinks and meals.

‘Combi’ microwave ovens make a great choice if you’re looking for a little more versatility from your microwave or have a smaller kitchen.

This type of microwave often also has the added convenience of numerous built-in (or pre-programmed) cooking functions too.

Integrated Microwaves

Integrated or built-in microwaves are another type of microwave but they are only an option if you’re planning on having your kitchen re-fitted as they have to be installed into a custom-built shell.

Choosing to have a built-in microwave can be a good option if you’re looking to save on worktop space and keep your counters clear. They can also make for a great design feature in your kitchen.

Integrated microwaves normally come packed with features and functions so they tend to be a little more expensive than the freestanding variety.

If you decide to go with having a built-in microwave then it is best to arrange for a professional installer to come and fit your new oven because they have very specific ventilation requirements that, if not adhered to, could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Common microwave features to look out for

Size and capacity

The capacity of modern microwaves generally varies between 17L and 32L. If you’re shopping for a family size microwave then you should be considering ovens that have a capacity of 27L or more.

As well as making sure that your new oven has a big enough capacity for the job in hand, you should also be confident that you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate your new oven.

Taking the measurements of the area where you intend on keeping your new oven to the shop with you can be useful and remember to allow some additional space around the microwave so it is adequately ventilated.


The power of your new microwave will determine how quickly it can heat your food. Most modern microwave ovens range between 800W and 1300W but bear in mind that the more powerful your oven, the more expensive it will be to run.

If speed isn’t so important to you then it might be better to choose a mid-range option (around 1000W) and focus more on usability, functionality, and features.


Microwaves come with two types of controls – dials and buttons. Sometimes they have a combination of both. Be sure that the oven you choose is easy to use and understand – you shouldn’t the instruction manual every time you switch your microwave on!

Internal size

It’s important to make sure that the interior of your new microwave is big enough to accommodate your needs.

If you’re only looking to occasionally heat a precooked meal or some soup this shouldn’t be an issue but if you want to use your oven to cook a full Sunday roast then you may need a larger model.


Nobody enjoys cleaning the microwave but it is a necessary chore if you’re looking to get maximum performance, longevity and energy efficiency from your new oven.

To make the chore of keeping your oven clean easier be sure not to choose a model that has too many dials, gaps or crevices – it might look great, but it won’t be so easy to keep clean!

Also, if your chosen oven has removable internal parts, this can make cleaning it easier too.

Child safety lock

Some microwaves are fitted with a child safety feature where you need to enter a pre-set sequence of numbers to turn the appliance on. This can be useful if you have young children.

Auto Defrost

Automatic defrost functions usually ask for the weight and type of food so it can calculate the optimum defrost setting. Other models offer a ‘pulse’ defrost option too, which help to reduce defrosting times.

Sensor and program cooking

To make using your oven easier, quicker and more convenient many ovens come with a range of pre-programmed cooking options. These can include sensor cooking, which measures the vapour released during cooking and adjusts the cooking setting and time accordingly.

Pre-sets can take the guesswork out of using your oven.

Multi-stage programs can defrost and then cook your food so it’s ready to eat when you get home from work or finish a task.

Quick start (or boost) functions deliver full-power cooking for a set period of time – usually in 30-second or 1-minute intervals.

Other handy features

Most modern microwaves are fitted with a digital clock, which can be handy for other tasks in the kitchen or if you just want to know what the time is!

If your oven is fitted with a ‘time adjust’ function you’ll be able to adjust the programmed time without stopping the current cooking cycle.

Are microwaves a safe method of cooking food?

In Australia, microwave ovens have to meet strict safety standards and safety guidelines. This means that they are safe to use and in some cases, the prepared food can, in fact, be even more nutritious than with other cooking methods.


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