Our Best Mens Shavers for 2018

Get the perfect shave with our 5 suggestions for what could be the 5 best mens shavers in Australia.


Panasonic 5-Blade Rechargeable Shaver

The top of the range Panasonic ES-LV9N-S 5-Blade Rechargeable Shaver will provide you with a clean, close and smooth shave enabling you to look your best and achieve the style you want with the minimum of effort.

Its Multi-Flex 3D Head is designed to closely follow the contours of your face, maintaining close skin contact while the 5-Blade cutting system which has 3 foil patterns will remove even the most stubborn of small hairs with ease. The all-purpose wet and dry, rechargeable shaver is equipped with a powerful 14,000cpm linear motor and a shaving sensor that is designed to monitor the density of your facial hair so it can optimise shaving performance and reduce skin irritation giving you the perfect shave every time.

The ES-LV9N-S comes complete with a fully automatic cleaning station that will keep your shaver in perfect condition and provide up to 45 minutes of shaving time for every 60 minutes of charging.

In the box, you’ll find the Panasonic ES-LV9N-S 5-Blade Rechargeable Shaver, the cleaning and recharging base station, a travel pouch, the shaving head cover cap, a cleaning brush, the power adapter, lubricating oil and the user manual.
User manual

This premium men’s shaver is part of the Arc5 shaving series and offers a very efficient and extremely close shave.


Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with SmartClean Plus

The Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with SmartClean Plus is the ultimate, premium shaving system from Philips featuring ‘contour detect’ technology, ‘V-Track Precision Blades’, and 50-minute cordless usage time for the perfect, smooth shave.

This premium shaver gives you the option of a wet or dry shave thanks to its unique AquaTec Wet & Dry seal. The 8 directional and flexible heads will track the contours of your face making sure that you get the closest shave possible while the ‘V-Track Precision Blades’ are designed to remove even the most stubborn of facial hair.

The Philips Series 9000 shaver also includes ‘SmartClick’ heads that mean you can swap between the shaving head and a click-on trimmer easily for a smooth shave and the ability to trim sideburns and other longer facial hair, which means you get the exact look you’re after while the inclusive SmartClean PLUS hub is intended to provide easy maintenance of your shaver cleaning, lubricating and drying it so it’s like new every time you use it.

The Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with SmartClean Plus can be charged either via the SmartClean PLUS hub or by plugging the charger directly into the shaver, making it the ideal travel companion too.


Braun Series 5 Men Shaver with Clean & Charge Station

Series 5 Wet/Dry Electric Shaver Silver/Black Plus Clean & Charge Station

The Braun Series 5 Men’s Shaver with Clean & Charge Station will give you that clean, smooth, well-groomed look for any occasion while providing ultimate skin comfort during shaving with its innovative skin-sensitive technology.

Aided by its AutoSensing motor, this wet and dry shaver adapts to the density of your facial hair to provide an even more comfortable shave while its 8 direction shaving head maintains maximum contact with your skin as it glides over your face removing even the most difficult flat-lying hairs effortlessly. The result is a clean smooth look every time with a minimum of effort and skin irritation. You also have the convenience of a powerful, rechargeable Li-Ion battery when you choose a Series 5 shaver which provides 45 minutes of cordless shaving for every 60 minutes of charging and has the handy added benefit of a quick charge feature that will charge the shaver sufficiently in 5 minutes for one shave.

The Braun Series 5 Men’s Shaver is easy to maintain too and comes with a ‘Clean & Charge’ docking station that provides 10 times more hygienic cleaning than water alone. Also included with the Series 5 are 1 cleaning cartridge, a protection cap, the charging cord and a cleaning brush. All Braun shavers come with a 24-month manufacturers warranty too for complete peace of mind that you’re making the right investment. The feature packed Braun Series 5 Men’s Shaver with Clean & Charge Station is priced competitively, buy online from a trusted partner now.


Remington Ultra Flex Power Shaver

Remington Ultra Flex Power Shaver

Introducing the Remington Ultra Flex Power Shaver which will give you the perfectly clean, close shave every time thanks to its ‘Turbo Power Speed Boost’ function and its three full floating shaving heads that glide effortlessly across the contours of your face, providing optimal yet comfortable contact with your skin and removing all unwanted facial hair effortlessly.

Packed with features that are sure to be appreciated by every modern, busy man, the Ultra Flex Power Shaver from Remington offers completely cordless operation via its rechargeable battery which provides up to 60 minutes of shaving time from a 90 minute charge and if you forget to recharge it, don’t worry because in just 5 minutes it can provide enough battery life for one quick shave.

The Ultra Flex Power Shaver is 100% waterproof and so can be used with or without shaving cream or gel for ultimate convenience and comes complete with a pop-up trimmer, travel lock, worldwide voltage adapter, a travel-friendly folding charger stand, head guard, storage pouch and its own cleaning brush too.

The XR1470AU Remington Ultra Flex Power Shaver is a value packed, feature rich men’s shaver that will continually give you the perfect shave.


Philips Aquatouch Wet, Dry and Protective Electric Shaver

With the Philips S5050 Aquatouch Wet, Dry and Protective Electric Shaver you’ll enjoy a closer, smoother and quicker shave every day. This entry-level men’s shaver is both highly affordable and packed with features to give you great shaving results time after time.

The wet and dry Aquatouch shaver uses Philips’ unique Flex-Head technology combined with their ComfortCut Blade System to give you a close, clean yet comfortable shave while ensuring minimal skin irritation. Whether you prefer a wet shave while you’re having a shower – using foam or shaving gel – or a dry shave whilst on the move, the Aquatouch S5050 has you covered because its Aquatec wet and dry seal means you can choose either. For optimum and flexible shaving results this shaver also features a click-on trimmer so that you can keep your sideburns, goaty or mustache looking sharp too – everything you need to keep to looking your best.

Some other great features included with the S5050 Aquatouch shaver include 30 minutes of cordless shaving from every full charge, an intuitive display to show you both the current battery level and whether the travel lock is on, worldwide voltage support, replaceable blades, and a 2-year warranty.

A couple of things to consider before investing in this shaver are that to fully charge the powerful, energy-efficient, long-lasting NiMH battery takes about 8 hours and it only operates in cordless mode too.

The Philips S5050 Aquatouch Wet, Dry and Protective Electric Shaver is feature packed and will give you a smooth and efficient shaving experience.

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