Our Best Gaming Monitors for 2018


Acer Predator X34 34″ QHD Curved Gaming Monitor

The Acer 34″ Predator X34 Curved Gaming Monitor offers a unique and innovative design that will enable you to enjoy an immersive and engaging gaming experience thanks to its curved design, legendary performance, comfortable ergonomics, and visual depth.

Featuring cinematic resolution of 3440 x 1440, whether you’re into RPG, first person or simulation games, this innovative gaming monitor will deliver a whole new level of immersion to your gaming experiences.

The Predator X34 comes with G-Sync technology to minimise stuttering and eliminate screen tearing, integrated In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology that produces optimal colour and clarity without compromising on speed and a 60Hz refresh rate that has an overclock refresh rate of 100Hz to substantially reduce motion blur.

At $1,449, the Acer 34″ Predator X34 Curved Gaming Monitor is the world‘s first curved gaming monitor and comes with a display port cable and a USB 3.0 cable as well as a 12-month manufacturer‘s express warranty for complete peace of mind.

So, if you’re looking for an absolutely stunning gaming experience where you reach new levels of immersion in your gaming universe, then you need to invest in the Predator X34 as part of your gaming setup today.


BenQ Zowie XL2735 27″ 2K QHD 144hz Gaming Monitor with DyAc

BenQ Zowie XL2735 27″ 2K QHD 144hz Gaming Monitor with DyAc is all about you winning the game through its advanced feature set, which was designed specifically for PC gamers – like you.

Zowie XL2735 is packed with a range of features to give you that winning edge. This awesome gaming monitor features a BenQ ZOWIE XL2735 2K QHD 2560×1440 144Hz monitor with an ultra-fast refresh rate at 144Hz and DyAc technology for remarkable clarity so the action is always fast, smooth and real-time.

Adopted worldwide by professional e-Sports tournaments and players, this gaming monitor also comes with S Switch technology so that you can save up to 3 preferred profiles via the built-in memory and then switch between them easily and effortlessly while the ‘Shield’ feature on this gaming monitor will ensure that your focus is entirely on your game by blocking out unwanted distractions.

Other great features you’ll get with the XL2735 include ‘Color Vibrance’ with its 20 levels of colour settings, ‘Black eQualizer’ which increases the visibility in dark scenes, the XL-series LCD frame was specially designed to reduce light reflection from the screen and an impressive range of input connectors, including DVI-DL (Dual Link), HDMI x2, DP1.2, Headphone Jack, Mic Jack.

BenQ Zowie XL2735 27″ 2K QHD 144hz Gaming Monitor with DyAc is specifically designed to ensure that your only focus is to win your game and is yours today for $899.


Samsung LC27FG70 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync

If you’re looking for a new gaming monitor that will provide a rich, smooth and immersive viewing experience then why not take a look at the Samsung LC27FG70 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync?

Able to provide a more in-depth viewing experience thanks to its 19-degree screen curvature, this monitor is equipped with Quantum dot technology that supports approximately sRGB 125% providing more accurate colour and clarity, even in bright lighting conditions, which means it will deliver impressive realism for all your gaming and multimedia needs.

With its adaptable screen refresh rate between 60Hz and 144Hz, the Samsung LC27FG70 curved gaming monitor delivers smoothly executed gaming visuals while the ergonomic dual-hinged arm means that it can be adjusted to a variety of heights and angles so you can achieve the perfect viewing position. This monitor is fast too, it’s able to deliver a 1ms (MPRT) response time and has AMD FreeSync, which minimises lag, motion blur, and jittering.

Samsung LC27FG70 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync, which costs $699.95, has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and comes complete with a 1.5m Power Cable, an HDMI cable, and a DP Cable so you’ll have all you need for an immersive, gaming and multimedia experience right out of the box!


Alienware 24.5″ Full HD Gaming Monitor with Freesync

Alienware 24.5″ Full HD Gaming Monitor with Freesync

Featuring iconic Alienware design, the Alienware 24.5″ Full HD Gaming Monitor will bring your gaming experience to life with its dynamic on-screen display and game-changing graphics which are supported by 240Hz refresh rates and AMD FreeSync.

Built with premium materials in a thin, easy-to-adjust design, this 24.5″ monitor is engineered to elevate your game with its iconic Alienware design, the AlienFX fully customisable RGB lighting system and the fully adjustable height, tilt, pivot, and swivel feature that mean you can configure the perfect environment for those marathon PC gaming sessions. This game-changing monitor also features a new and unique gaming-focused menu with its easy-to-use dashboard and fully configurable preset game modes that will allow you to tweak your setup without disrupting your gaming state of mind.

When it comes to connectivity, the Alienware 24.5″ full HD gaming monitor has everything you need to integrate it into your gaming ecosystem quickly and efficiently – 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB downstream port with power charging support, a USB 3.0 upstream port, a headphone jack, a line-out port, and a display port.

The Alienware 24.5″ Full HD Gaming Monitor with Freesync is yours right now for $699.


LG 24MP59HT 24″ Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor

LG 24MP59HT 24″ Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor

The LG 24MP59HT 24″ Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor comes with a 75Hz refresh rate, FHD IPS display, a 1ms motion blur reduction and HDMI connectivity making it the perfect companion to your PC, whether you’re gaming, streaming movies or multi-tasking.

With the 24MP59HT gaming monitor multi-tasking is as easy as 1-2-3 with the split screen feature that enables you to resize and display multiple windows at once and has an impressive 14 split screen options including four different picture-in-picture (PIP) choices, while the on-screen controls mean that you can tweak your settings whenever you need to with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This premium gaming monitor ensures that even the darkest areas of the screen are delivering rich, vibrant imagery in full 1080P high definition thanks to its Black Stabiliser Mode while the 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and FreeSync technology guarantee super fast refresh rates that deliver smooth graphics with minimal blur.

When you combine this awesome performance with the choice of picture modes offered by the LG 24MP59HT gaming monitor, which includes FPS game 1 & 2, RTS game, custom game, reader, photo, cinema, color weakness, and custom, this elegant and stylish monitor will not only enhance your gaming and multimedia experiences, it also provides impressive flexibility and great value for your money too.

LG premium monitors like the 24MP59HT full HD gaming monitor are built with IPS panels giving you optimum image reproduction and also come with LG’s ArcLine stand so they are, not only sturdy and robust, but have a touch of elegance about them too. The LG 24MP59HT 24″ Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor, which costs a very affordable $199.99, includes an HDMI cable and comes with an impressive 3-year manufacturer‘s warranty.


Choosing The Best Gaming Monitor For You

If your thinking about an upgrading your gaming monitor then you’re in the right place! Our gaming monitor buying guide will help you clarify what you should look for in your new gaming monitor to get an enhanced gaming experience from your upgraded setup, irrelevant of whether you’re a gaming pro or an occasional player.

When it comes to upgrading your gaming display the first thing to bear in mind is that bigger is almost always better however if you want a smooth immersive gaming experience that is free of blurry imagery, flickering and tearing then there are a few other things to look out for.

Let’s run through them..

Monitor Resolution and Size

FHD Gaming Monitors

Most manufacturers now offer a wide range of 24-inch full High Definition (FHD) monitors, which will give you a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Opting for a 24-inch display is ideal if you’re tight on budget and/or don’t have much desk space. One advantage of choosing a full HD monitor over higher resolutions is that the graphics cards in most pre-built gaming PCs can easily support this resolution.


WQHD Gaming Monitors

The next option would be to go for a 27-inch Wide, Quad High-Definition (WQHD) monitor, which will give you a maximum resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a noticeable improvement over a 24-inch monitor.

At this resolution, you will need a reasonably powerful graphics card especially if you’re into all the latest releases and want to enable all the effects.


4K UHD Monitors

If you want to go even bigger and better than a 27-inch WQHD monitor and have the budget, space and graphics card to support a 4K or Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) then you could go for a 30, 34 or even a 38-inch display.

4K or Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) can deliver an incredible 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio, which provides a much wider field of view and a mind-blowingly immersive gaming experience, provided you have a powerful enough graphics card and the desk space to support it.

If you truly want to go all out then choosing a 4K UHD curved panel monitor is the way to go and will put you right on the middle of the action but they don’t come cheap so expect a healthy price tag!


Refresh and Response Rates

For your new gaming monitor to be able to provide reactive, clear gameplay it needs to have both a high display refresh rate and a quick pixel response rate.


What is a Pixel Response Rate?

Pixel response rates in the latest displays are usually measured using a gray-to-gray response time. They signify the time it takes, in milliseconds, for a pixel to transition from one shade of gray to another.

For a gaming monitor, you should be looking for a pixel response rate of 2ms or less if you want smooth imagery. A 4ms gray-to-gray is adequate and acceptable, but not ideal.


Display Refresh Rates

Refresh rates are the time it takes, in seconds, for the monitor to redraw the entire screen. They are measured in hertz (Hz).

A good gaming monitor should have a screen refresh rate of 120Hz or more to be able to provide a good gaming experience that is free from blurring and tearing. 120Hz or more is also the minimum requirement for active 3D technology.

By comparison, the refresh rate on most LCD displays (think modern TVs) is usually around 60Hz, meaning that the entire screen can redraw itself 60 times per second. This is nowhere near fast enough for gaming use.


Panel Technology

Now let’s take a look at the different display technologies used in modern gaming monitors and what they each have to offer.

Popular amongst gamers and highly affordable, Twisted Nematic (TN) panels offer quick pixel response times and fast refresh rates but they are prone to colour shifting if viewed from an angle.

Vertical Alignment (VA) displays will give you deep blacks, robust colors, and high native-contrast ratio but they also tend to produce noticeable ghosting effects, which isn’t good for gaming.

Arguably the best all-around colour quality, grayscale performance, and wide viewing angles are provided by In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels however these panels struggle to match the pixel response rates you’d get from a Twisted Nematic panel.


G-Sync and FreeSync Synchronization

In order to reduce input lag, motion blur and tearing, modern gaming monitors are often equipped with synchronization technology, using either Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD’s FreeSync modules, that gives control of the screen’s refresh rate to the GPU instead of the monitor. This allows the display to operate with a variable refresh rate.

It’s import to note that, while this technology is fantastic at reducing input lag and providing a much smoother gaming experience, you will need a compatible graphics card with a DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 output to use it.


Other Features

Since most modern consoles use HDMI inputs you should definitely have at least one HDMI input on your new display, a monitor that has dual HDMI ports is even better.

Some high-end graphics cards also offer both DisplayPort and DVI input connectivity.

Multiple USB ports are also essential so that you can connect your gaming controllers or a mouse as well as other external peripherals. Also, if you can find a gaming monitor that has side-mounted USB ports then it’ll be much easier to connect and disconnect any external peripherals.

Having a monitor stand that is equipped with height, swivel and tilt adjustments will make for a much more ergonomically friendly and comfortable gaming experience, especially during those all-night gaming marathons!



Like most modern gadgets, the cost of your new gaming monitor will most likely be dictated by the richness of the feature-set you want.

Screen size, refresh rates and panel technology does play a huge part in the cost of modern gaming displays but it’s also about connectivity, whether or not you want that inclusive adjustable stand and whether having premium inputs like G-Sync or FreeSync technology is important to you.

Hopefully, our guide to buying a gaming monitor has given you some insights into what to look out for so that your new gaming display delivers that all-important, truly immersive gaming experience you crave.

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