Our Best Dash Cams for 2018

Looking for the best Dash Cams in Australia for 2018? Here’s our opinion of what could very well be the best products available.


BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dual Camera Dash Cam

Blackvue DR650S 2Ch 16Gb Dual Dash Cam 1080p

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Offering a different approach to dash cams, the BlackVue DR650S-2CH is a two camera dash cam system that is controlled via a free smartphone app and allows you to constantly monitor and record video footage through both your front and rear windscreens.

This innovative, high-quality dash cam solution includes GPS speed and location tracking and G-sensor Impact Detection so that you have complete peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of an accident involving your car. The convenience of the WiFi enabled BlackVue App that controls this dash cam system means that your valuable video footage and data isn’t saved in your vehicle, providing you with even more protection and convenience.

The stylish and innovative cylindrical design of the BlackVue DR650S-2CH dash cams means they can be mounted neatly on your front and rear windscreens and can also be rotated a full 360°, when necessary. The front camera in this system records at 1080P Full HD while the rear camera provides support for 720P HD video. The DR650S-2CH also comes with an ‘Automatic Parking Surveillance’ mode feature that, when hardwired, can monitor your vehicle while you’re away.

This premium dual camera dash system comes complete with a 2-year warranty and a 16GB BlackVue MicroSD memory card as well as everything else you need to get you new dash cam system up and running quickly and easily – two cameras, mounting brackets, cigarette lighter plug for easy installation, manuals, cable clips and a coax cable to connect the front and rear camera.

One point that we should highlight is that the DR650S-2CH works best with BlackVue branded memory cards, especially if you are planning on using larger 64GB or 128GB cards.

In summary, this feature-rich dash cam system will provide everything you need to protect your vehicle day and night. With its external control interface via the free BlackVue app and desktop software and its premium range of features, the BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dual Camera Dash Cam system is an intelligent choice for any Australian driver at $549.


DOD LS470W Dash Cam


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$299 $349

The DOD LS470W Dash Cam is an award winning dash cam, which has been thoroughly tested against 19 other dash cams by the highly respected consumer products review site Choice Australia and came out as the number one dash cam available on the Australian market.

Featuring a large f/1.6 lens aperture and offering 1080P Full HD recording resolution, this impressive dash cam can even record excellent resolution video footage in the lowest light conditions thanks to its inclusive 12800 ISO – the highest ISO sensitivity offered in any dash cam on the Australian market. The LS470W uses a high speed 10Hz GPS processor which refreshes data 10 times per second giving accurate speed and location information constantly.  This high-end dash cam performs reliably under all driving conditions.

Additional premium features you’ll have available when you invest in a DOD LS470W Dash Cam include the Heads Up Display (HUD) which monitors your speed and will alert you if you’re over the limit, the built-in G-sensor which can detect impact so it can lock and protect your footage, 150° ultra wide angle view and a 2.7” 16:9 Widescreen Display for easy control and playback of your video footage.

The LS470W also comes with automatic parking mode activation, a password protection feature for maximum protection of your data, and a choice of various video resolutions. One thing we should highlight is that the DOD LS470W can only format memory cards up to 32GB, if your memory card is larger than 32GB then you will need to format it using an external device.

In summary, this feature-rich, award winning dash cam has everything you might need from your next dash cam as well as offering truly impressive performance in all driving and weather conditions. The DOD LS470W Dash Cam is priced at $349.


Vicovation OPIA 2 Dash Cam


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$332 $349

The Vicovation OPIA 2 dash cam with its neat and concise design and multi-format video options, up to 1440P 2K Ultra HD, is a wise choice for any Australian driver. Featuring a ‘super-capacitor’ that can withstand temperatures of up to 85°C, the OPIA 2 is very reliable, even in very hot weather conditions.

Day and night, this premium dash cam will record sharp, clear and vibrant video via its Ultra High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology and also includes an ultra wide 160° angle of view, which means it records up to 5 traffic lanes simultaneously, as standard. Vicovation Dash Cams, including the OPIA 2, can be rotated 360° in their mounts so when you need to capture a conversation through your car window, this high-quality dash cam will make that a breeze.

Other convenient features that come with the OPIA 2 include a One-Touch Emergency Record/SOS button, which means you can lock and protect video files at the touch of a button. There is also a ‘Custom Text Feature’ included with this dash cam that enables you to label your video files for easy reference in the future while the Automatic Parking Surveillance Mode, which has an optional Time-Lapse feature, will ensure that your vehicle is fully protected while you’re away although a ‘Power Plus Hardwire Kit’, which isn’t included, is required to use this feature.

Vicovation Dash Cams are amongst the highest rated dash cams around in terms of reliability and quality. The OPIA 2, with its proven and tested performance, reliability and comprehensive feature set make it an intelligent choice for any Australian driver.


Kapture KPT-850 In-Car Discreet Dash Cam

Kapture KPT-850 Dash Cam

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Featuring a cylindrical design and controlled via a free app on your smart device, the Kapture KPT-850 In-Car Discreet Dash Cam captures razor sharp 1080P full high definition video footage via its 152° ultra-wide angle lens both day and night ensuring that you have all the eyewitness evidence you need in the event of a car accident.

Incorporating an ‘Auto Record’ mode the KPT-850 starts recording from the moment you start your engine while the G-Sensor feature detects any impact with your vehicle then saves and protects your video footage. The GPS enable tracking on the Kapture KPT-850 tracks both your speed and your location data and with Instant GPS Playback via the free Kapture KPT-850 App you can playback your HD video footage anytime or watch it in ‘Live View’ mode. This mid-market dash cam also comes with a ‘Gesture Sensor’ enabling your you take still photos by simply waving your hand under the unit which gives you even more convenience and protection – anytime and everywhere.

Perfect for the Australian climate, the KPT-850 includes and ‘Super Capacitor’ that provide reliable operation in all weather conditions and can withstand temperatures of up to 70°C. For even more modern day convenience, this dash cam system also includes a dual USB car adapter which provide a spare USB port so that you can connect or charge an additional USB device while you’re driving.

The Kapture KPT-850 In-Car Discreet Dash Cam is, in short, a WiFi enabled, high-resolution dash cam that, via it’s sleek and stylish design, will ensure you’re constantly protected without being over-imposing on your windscreen. This mid-market dash cam offers a great range of convenient and essential features and is an ideal choice for any Australian driver.


Navman MiVue630 Dash Cam

Navman MiVue 630 Crash Cam

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The MiVue630 from Navman is an entry-level full 1080P HD dash cam that records wide-angle video and GPS data. It comes complete with a broad range of convenient features to protect you day and night in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

The inclusive, high sensitivity GPS tracking on the MiVue630 automatically and consistently records and saves your location, driving direction and speed information while the High Dynamic Range (HDR) support on this dash cam automatically adjusts the video quality settings to ensure that all the necessary details are captured while your driving – day and night.

In the event of an accident or collision, the MiVue630 will have you covered with its 3-axis G-Sensor feature which detects and saves the direction the impact came from while the 360° rotating design means that you can easily record window-side conversations or other important events and information. Once you have your footage captured, the ‘Event Recording Mode’ on the Navman MiVue630 instantly saves and protects your video files meaning that you’ll have all the evidence and information you need should you be involved in an insurance claim.

The Navman MiVue630 dash cam comes complete with a vehicle power adapter, windshield mount, a 12-month warranty and supports Micro SD memory cards. 

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