Our Best Baby Monitors for 2018

Looking for the best Baby Monitors in Australia to keep an eye an ear on your little one? Here are 5 models we’d recommend you consider.


Uniden 4.3” Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor Twin Phone

The Uniden 4.3” Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor Twin Phone System (BW3102) is an award winning baby monitor that will give you complete peace of mind while your baby is asleep or your kids are playing in another room. This baby monitor is so highly rated, versatile and efficient that it won the Gold Winner Award from Australian Mother & Baby Magazine.

Offering an excellent range of features, the BW3102 baby monitor you gives you a 4.3” colour LCD display receiver equipped with night vision technology so you can monitor your baby sleeping even at night. Baby Watch even lets you view your little one on a smartphone remotely, provided the system is online, and the handy ‘Walkie Talkie’ feature means that you can talk to them too.

The colour LCD screen is equipped with a temperature display and the unit also has a selection of soothing lullabies to play to your baby while they’re sleeping. All the communication through this baby monitor is digitally encrypted too so you have complete peace of mind that you’re protected against eavesdroppers and hackers.

Uniden 4.3” Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor Twin Phone System is everything you need for complete control and peace of mind while your kids are sleeping or playing


Oricom Babysense2 Breathing Monitor & SC710 Bundle

The Oricom Babysense 2 Breathing Monitor & SC710 Video Premium Monitor bundle is a very sophisticated baby monitoring system that works via plates under the baby’s mattress and an infrared wall-mounted camera. Whilst the system is sophisticated, it is also very intuitive and easy to use giving you complete control and ensuring your little one’s safety, day and night.

This baby monitor will alert you when your baby’s breathing is either too fast or too slow or if it fails to detect breathing or movement for more than 20 seconds. The Oricom Babysense 2 is designed for use with babies up to 12 months old and certified for use with mattresses up to 14cm thick. When combined with the Oricom SC710 Video Premium Monitor you’ll be able to both hear and see your baby’s every movement and sound, even at night via the wall-mounted, infrared camera, which is equipped with night vision.

The portable parent unit has a 2.4″ colour display, 120 auto-select channels and a 2-way communication system, which means that you’ll have complete peace of mind while you’re getting on with your day and baby is sleeping. The Oricom Babysense 2 Breathing Monitor and SC710 Video Bundle is highly recommended.


VTech BM4500 Owl Pan and Tilt Video Monitor

The VTech BM4500 Owl Pan and Tilt Video Monitor is the result of a partnership between manufacturer VTech and Australian Infant Charity Red Nose (previously SIDs and Kids) who promote safe sleeping practices for infants. The results are fantastic! The Owl Pan and Tilt Video Monitor is a user-friendly, compact baby monitoring system that doesn’t attach to the cot and so isn’t, in any way, hazardous while providing you with complete peace of mind.

The Owl comes with a 4.3” high-resolution screen and a camera that can pan 260 degrees and tilt 55 degrees via the remote parent unit so you can see your baby’s every movement. This unit is also equipped with night vision technology and can be used as a freestanding unit or mounted on the wall.

Additionally, there is an option for split screen monitoring via multiple cameras although to use this feature you will need extra cameras, which are sold separately.

The VTech Owl baby monitor is designed with the modern parent in mind and claims to take baby monitoring to the next level.


Motorola MBP421 Digital Video Monitor

The Motorola MBP421 Digital Video Baby Monitor is an entry level baby monitor that will enable you to monitor your little one from anywhere in the house whilst getting on with your day.

The unit comes with a 1.8” video monitor and uses 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technology. The parent unit has a rechargeable battery, belt clip and also a support stand if you prefer that.

The secure digital signal between the monitor and the parent unit means you’ll have complete peace of mind that the signal is safe from prying eyes and ears while also ensuring minimal interference.

This baby monitor also features a high sensitivity microphone, infrared night vision, an out-of-range alert and a low battery alert.


VTech BM2500 Video Baby Monitor

The VTech BM2500 Safe & Sound Colour Video and Audio Baby Monitor is a very affordable entry-level unit that comes with a VGA camera featuring infrared for night vision technology. The unit also offers digitally secured 2-way communications between the baby unit and the parent unit.

Ask any modern parent and they’ll tell you that one of the best investments they have made is a baby monitor. Not only do baby monitors give them peace of mind and control that their baby is safe and sound, they also aid better sleep for the baby and mean that you can get on with other things in the knowledge that your little one is comfortable and happy.

Additionally, the VTech BM2500 comes with 5 lullabies and 5 volume settings to help your baby drift off to sleep and the parent unit has a built-in room temperature sensor so you know that the baby’s room isn’t getting too warm or cold. For an entry-level unit, the BM2500 Safe & Sound baby monitor is packed with features at an affordable price.


How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor For Your Needs

Having a good baby monitor is about a lot more than just convenience. A good quality baby monitor won’t let you down when you need it most and will mean that you have complete peace of mind that your little one is safe and sound no matter what else you need to get done.

Our guide to buying a baby monitor aims to help you make a wise and informed choice when you decide it’s time to invest in this essential parenting aid.

Which baby monitor is right for you?

Before you can start looking for a new baby monitor you might need to ask yourself a few questions so you can be clear about which features are essential and which features are simply nice to have.

  • Is being able to see your baby as well hear them important to you?
  • Will you be using your new monitor abroad?
  • Is the monitor for static use in the nursery or will you be moving it around from room to room?
  • Are you simply looking for ‘standard’ features or are premium extras like a temperature sensor, a nightlight, 2-way communication or lullabies important too?

Answering these questions will help to make your search for a new baby monitor much easier and efficient.


Let’s take a look at some of the options available.


Audio or Video

Most baby monitors come with at least two parts; a base unit that stays with the baby and a parent unit, which is either simply placed in the room you’re in or clipped to your belt whilst you get on with other things.

As the names suggest, an audio-only baby monitor will allow you to hear baby from anywhere in the house while video baby monitors add the ability to see your precious little one too.

If you’re considering a video baby monitor then you should be aware that they vary quite considerably. Some have nice large screens while the screen on others can be quite small making to harder to see what baby’s up to.

Premium video monitors also offer features like 2-way communication, powerful zoom modes, and even cameras that can pan the room.

Which monitor you choose is often depends on your budget and personal requirements or preferences.


Analogue, digital or DECT audio?

Buying a baby monitor that uses digital audio is highly recommended. Digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) baby monitors are much more secure because they’re equipped with a microprocessor that will ensure you can only hear sounds from your nursery.

There aren’t that many baby monitors on the market today that still use analogue audio, mainly because they’re susceptible to security leaks like the signal being picked up on other people’s monitors or even via an ordinary radio. There are however a few companies that still offer this option together with very affordable prices.


Signal strength and range

The signal strength and reliability of your baby monitor can be affected by many factors including where you live, the thickness of your walls and whether there are other households nearby that are also using a baby monitor.

Most monitors these days come equipped with a selection of digital channels so you’ll be able to test them out and find the signal that’s strongest and offers the most clarity.

While many baby monitor manufacturers make bold claims about the effective range of their monitors, the reality is often a little less impressive.

A good quality monitor should be able to maintain its signal within a range of about 80m. At the lower end of the market, 20m is about all you’ll have to play with before you start losing the signal.

We recommend testing your new monitor thoroughly as soon as you get it home to make sure it’s up to the job.


Sensor pads

Baby monitors that are equipped with sensor pads can be both good and bad. Some parents find the extra level of monitoring reassuring while others find the additional level of scrutiny over baby’s every move makes them more anxious.

Recent research has shown that monitoring your baby via a sensor pad monitor is no more effective than simply using audio and/or visual monitoring.

Good to know..

Buying a monitor that has two-way audio can offer extra value for money as it’s likely to be useful well into toddlerhood.

If your chosen model has a video camera that can also record footage then you might be able to use it as a security camera once baby has outgrown it.

Nightlights are another feature that can add longevity and value to your investment as most small children sleep better with a little light in the room at night.

While baby monitors can be very convenient its important to ensure that they’re secure and no one else can see or hear your little one. Making sure you regularly update apps and firmware with the latest releases can help here.

Also, you should never use your monitor on a WiFi network that is ‘secured’ with the default manufacturer’s password.

Is a baby monitor worth it?

This is a common question, particularly amongst parents who live in a flat or smaller home, and the answer is mostly about your own preferences and having peace of mind.

We’re all very busy these days and often have many more things to do than just watching baby all day.

This is where a baby monitor offers the most value. You can get on with other things in the knowledge that your precious little bub is both safe and sound.


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